Pet Services

Professional Pet Care in Raleigh, NC

We pride ourselves in providing top quality personalized pet care. Unlike other pet care companies we do not have time limits. This allows us to provide custom quality care giving the pets the time they deserve.

Vacation Pet Sitting-$20 per visit

We believe in quality over quantity we do not put a time limit on our services. We strive to meet the needs of each pet. With each pet sitting visit your pet will receive personalized care.  We come to your house anywhere from 1-4 visits a day depending on your pet’s needs.  We make sure your pets are fed, have fresh water, and give medications when needed. We provide stimulation with walks and play time. At the request of the client we water plants, bring in the mail and take out the trash. We strive to provide you peace of mind and know that your pet and home are safe while you are away. To learn more about what happens during a pet sit check out our blog post here

Mid-day Dog Walking-$20 per visit

Our Monday-Friday Dog Walks are perfect for dog owners who work long hours and are not able to make it home at lunchtime. With M-F dog walk we come at lunch to not only walk your dog so they can relieve themselves. We also provide mental and physical stimulation with a walk to let them explore and some play time. You get to focus at work and come home to a tired, happy pup.

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Puppy Visits-$20 per visit


Puppies are a lot of work. Needing to go out several times a day, learning manners and how to walk on a leash. We are here to help! We will come twice a day to take out your puppy out to help stay on a schedule and prevent accidents. We also help to reinforce previous training your puppy has had.


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