Walking your dog can seem like a redundant and tedious task. If you have a backyard, it can be easy to get into the routine of just letting the dogs out in the yard in the morning and evenings. There are lots of benefits to walking your dog; these are our top three.


Type 2 diabetes, respiratory, heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure and cancer. These are some of the health issues overweight dogs can face. Like people, overweight and obese dogs live shorter lives. You can avoid a lot of these problems with a healthy diet and routine exercise. Dogs should receive at least 2 hours of activity a day.


Taking your dog out of its backyard provides your dog with mental stimulation. The backyard no matter how big can become familiar and dull. Being bored is a big reason why many dogs dig out or jump fences. They want to explore and sniff new things. Walking your dog gives your dog a safe way to see and smell new things. Even if you walk the same path every day, to a dog, that path is always changing. The wind blows in new smells. They can smell other dogs and animals. Being able to sniff new things stimulates the senses and gives the mind a workout of its own.


Whether you are walking your walking your dog or someone else is. Walking can be the perfect opportunity to train your dog. Tons of different smells, sights, and noises can easily distract your dog. Use these distractions and do some focus work. Ask your dog for a sit and to watch you. Does your dog pull when on a leash? Practice those loose leash skills. Training helps you bond with your dog and understand how his mind works.

Exercise, stimulation, and training are just some of the reasons dogs benefit from walks.

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