Trusting someone to come to your home can be stressful. You might ask yourself what exactly my pet sitter is doing while I’m not there. Each company will do things a little different this is what happens when we sit for your pets

Get started:

To get started click the “Book Now” button and fill out the form. We will contact you and chat about your pets and their needs. Next, we will approve your account and ask you to fill out your pets’ profile. Once everything is filled out, we will set up your free consultation.


At the consultation, we meet your pets and go over their profile. We ask you to show us around and where you keep the pets supplies, such as food, litter box, leashes ext. This meeting gives you the perfect opportunity to ask any questions. We want to make sure you feel completely comfortable leaving your home and pets in our care.

First visit through the last

The first thing we do when come in find any pets who might be hiding. Each visit we take the time to lay eyes on all pets even if might be a little scared and don’t want to visit, making sure the pets are alert and healthy. We also take a look around the house to make sure everything is secure, and there are no messes. We make sure to take dogs out first for either a walk or yard time, giving them the chance to relieve themselves.

After a nice walk, we come in and feed your pets and give any medication according to your pet’s profile. We then will scoop litter boxes, water plants and check the mail. We continue the same routine throughout the visits sticking as close to your pets routine as possible.

After each visit, you will receive a report card letting you know how your pet is doing along with photos. On the last visit, we make sure everything is as you left it. We wash out your pet’s dishes and clean up any messes made by us or your pets. Then we tell your pet that you will be home soon and give them a last pet goodbye.


What if there is an emergency while I’m out of town? We hope it never happens but in the event, your pet gets sick or injured while you are gone, we will first call you to ask what action you want us to take. In case we cannot get in touch with you and feel your pet is at risk, we will take its regular vet. If the regular vet is, not open, we will take them to the closest emergency vet and will continue to attempt to get in touch with you. In the event your sitter has an emergency, we will contact you and either attempt to find a replacement sitter or contact your emergency contact.

Our goal is to provide trust and peace of mind leaving your pets in our care. To learn more about our services click here.