The Fear Free program was created by Dr. Marty Becker DVM. Pet owners are taking their pets into the vet less and less because of the fear and stress it puts on the animals and the owners. Dr. Becker came up with a program to decrease that stress and fear to start at home, to the car ride, the waiting room, and the exam room.

Walk In The Park Pet Sitting decided to become Fear Free Certified. Since the first step of a Fear-Free vet visit starts at home, we wanted to be able to help prepare our clients for success. We are already in your home caring for your pets so we have an inside view and can offer tips and give you the tools to help your pet. We also want to make our visits to your home as stress-free as possible. Giving medications to your pet can cause anxiety especially when they don’t know the person. We are able to give a cat a pill without scuffing them or make an insulin injection enjoyable. Already having a fear-free protocol in place can help in case of emergency and the pet sitter needs to transport the pet to the hospital.

We decided to become certified to be able to give your pet the best care possible.